This week I read a paper titled: “Patient satisfaction with epilepsy surgery: what is important to patients?” by Meaghan Lunney et al. (2018).

This work identified factors that are relevant to patient satisfaction with therapeutic epilepsy surgery (which is a specific treatment), and not the overall process of their care, such as staff attentiveness, etc.


This week I read the paper titled: “Impact of missing data on bias and precision when estimating change in patient-reported outcomes from a clinical registry” by Ayilara, O et al. (2019).

The main objective of the study was to compare the impact of several missing data methods on the precision of the estimated change in patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures in longitudinal data from a clinical registry.

Clinical registries are databases that capture information about the health and healthcare use of patients having a specific health condition or healthcare treatment.

Note that, studies involving clinical registry data are often longitudinal in…

This week I read the paper titled: “Mobile Artificial Intelligence Technology for Detecting Macula Edema and Subretinal Fluid on OCT Scans: Initial Results from the DATUM alpha Study” by Stephen G. Odaibo, M.D., M.S.(Math), M.S.(Comp. Sci.) et al., (2019).

The main objective of the study was to evaluate the feasibility of cloud-based mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) for detection of retinal diseases. In addition, the authors sought to evaluate the accuracy of such system for detection of Subretinal Fluid (SRF) and Macula Edema (ME) on OCT scans.


The number of retina specialists in the world is not an encouraging one. For…

This week I read the paper titled: “Using Clinicians’ Search Query Data to Monitor Influenza Epidemics” by Mauricio, S. & Elaine, O. N et al. (2014).


According to researches, search activity on diseases such as influenza and dengue have been shown to correlate with traditional surveillance data in many instances. In fact, searches from Yahoo and Baidu have been used to track influenza pandemics.

Isn’t that interesting to know?

Let’s explore the approach used by the authors to test their claims and the results produced.

Are you ready? Let’s explore!


The findings from the study demonstrates that a combination of…


This week I read the paper titled: “Use of Deep Learning to Examine the Association of the Built Environment With Prevalence of Neighborhood Adult Obesity” by Adyasha M. & Elaine O. N (2018).

It is evident that obesity have been linked with several factors such as genetics, diet, physical activity, and the environment.

It is observed that there have been varying studies indicating the relationships between the built environment (i.e. both natural and modified elements of the physical environment) and obesity.

Therefore, the paper proposed an approach to consistently measure the features of the built environment and its association with…


This week I took a different turn in the paper I read. Due to my PhD aspirations in Biostatistics, I decided to start reading papers related to Public Health and Data Science.

This week I read the paper titled: “Association of Depression and Treated Depression With Epilepsy and Seizure Outcomes: A Multicohort Analysis” by Colin, B. Josephson, MD, et al. (2017).

The objective of the observational study was to determine the effect of depression on the risk of epilepsy and seizure outcomes.

Interesting, isn’t it?

In short, the authors wanted to know the hazard (risk) of developing epilepsy due to…


This week’s review is a build up on my previous two reviews of papers on Support Vector Machine (SVM).

You can read my previous reviews here:

The paper by (Motaz M. H. K. et al, 2015):

The paper by (Colas & Brazdil, 2006):

This week, I read the paper: “Support Vector Machine Ensemble Based on Feature and Hyperparameter Variation for Real-World Machine Fault Diagnosis” by E. D. Wandekoken et al. (2011) as recommended by Dr. Tolu Sajobi.

This article reviews the paper. I have presented my thoughts in a chronological order.

Let’s review!


The study investigates the usefulness…

Weekly Paper Review: Optimized SVM & Older Classification Algorithms on Text Classification Tasks



Last time I shared my thoughts on the paper by (Motaz M. H. K. et al, 2015). You can read my review here:

Today, I will be reviewing the paper: “Comparison of SVM and Some Older Classification Algorithms in Text Classification Tasks” by (Colas & Brazdil, 2006) as recommended by Dr. Bayo Adekanmbi.

I am particularly excited to share my thoughts on this paper because it took a different approach to perform the comparison of SVM and other algorithms.

If you are ready, let’s dive into the review.


The paper sought to answer three (3) questions:

  1. Should we still…

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