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Predicare Steun Academy (PSA) is a non-profit organization devoted to redefining the minds of young people in order to groom them to proffer solutions to national and international problems. It is managed by a group of well-respected individuals who have distinguished themselves in various fields of human endeavours.

It is an academy created and committed to making education more attractive, such that young people can learn with an open mind. So far, over twenty (20) students in various higher institutions and basic learning institutes have been mentored by the academy.

It is aimed at organizing programs such as:

(i) Seminars

(ii) Stakeholders meeting

(iii) Workshops

(iv) Contests — Reading Writing, and Spelling Bee Competitions.

Read about our last maiden spelling bee competition here: https://link.medium.com/av9eYUzTQ2

Membership of the organization as well as partnership is opened to interested members of the public and other organizations who feel a call to the service of humanity. With time, we expect to have a growing list of partners both within Nigeria and abroad. It is an academy that believes solely in “catching them young”.

Since the bedrock is to create an attractive learning environment, the academy gives out books to students to read on a monthly basis and there is a book review done together thereafter. Since it is a non-profit organization, funds come solely from DONATIONS.

As an organization, we are driven by this key statement:

“We do not just want to give a child food, we want to teach a child how to feed for life”


It all started during the visioner’s undergraduate days (particularly in his third year). During a certain Thursday Bible study, the teacher, Bro. Tosin James was talking about Angels”. He noticed that he wasn’t really present in the study (possibly in a trance).

At that point, specific instructions came which connected with series of events that have happened in the life of the visioner such as always wanting to help people, particularly, that the vision is for young ones, with the charge to catch them young and set their minds aright. Even though what to do was clear, there was still a need to get started and put certain structures in place.

After several findings:

(i) The first word came — Predicare (an Italian word) which means to minister.

(ii) The second word came — Steun (a Dutch word) means support or help.

Therefore, PREDICARE STEUN means to minister support or minister help. Consequently, the academy is called PREDICARE STEUN ACADEMY (also known as P.S.A).

The first meeting held in Ogun State on Saturday, April 26, 2018 with twenty (20) teenagers (11–17 years) in attendance. These attendees served as the pioneer members of the academy.

Ever since, the academy has been growing, where members are exposed to sound teaching on issues of life such as leadership, living a balanced life, etc. Also, members are saddled with the responsibility to read books (which are reviewed).

Members also make researches on different issues such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its implication to us as an academy. In totality, the academy encourages self-development of all members.


To raise educated young minds that can solve national and international challenges, since education is the bedrock of national development.


(i) To build the capacity of young minds through workshops so that they can see individual, national, economic and international challenges and proffer lasting solutions to them.

(ii) Promoting educational excellence and adding value to intellectualism through contests, competitions, and rewarding of excellence through funding and scholarships.

(iii) To create a revolutionary change in national education policies and general education make-up through meaningful dialogues with authorities and the use of other appropriate means.

(iv) To cultivate a reading culture in young minds, thereby creating a platform that would make education attractive and a worthy adventure to embark on.


Godliness, Intellectualism, Capacity Building, Character Building, Hardwork, and Excellence.


Education and Leadership


Every child has a hidden potential and an area of interest. PSA’s priority is to reach out to every child, build up him/her to see challenges as a new way of exploring various facet of life as they come. We are committed to helping every young mind see failure as a step ahead of the actual success.

At PSA, we are not afraid of failing, rather we maximize every potential in each setback. With the dedication and enthusiasm of every member on board, we know we would get to our set target in no time (which is maximizing the “Power of Education” to create solutions).


We know that Nigeria and the world at large is plagued with different challenges. However, here is our strategy for achieving our vision. Our strategy is to see at least one (1) young person get it right early in life, such that his/her mind is empowered to see challenges of his immediate environment, through our support in counsels/consulting and providing necessary information to such innovative individuals.

We strongly believe that these individuals would influence their peers to be solution providers too. Imagine the ripple effect of positive change that would occur in every unit of this great country if we have people who are committed to see change in their society.

With the right support from insightful minds, we hope to see this vision materialize over time.

We have a free gift for you: Download and read 2019’s teaching series here: https://bit.ly/2PaElph

Our Contacts

Email: predsteunacada@gmail.com

Telephone Number: 08120919501

Olayinka I. Arimoro

Lead Strategist

Predicare Steun Academy

Guided Project Instructor at Coursera Inc.